I've been involved in too many bands and music projects to list them all!

Here you'll find some examples including tracks from
Liza Finn's Insight EP, Paul Simmons' No Compromise CD, Moving Hearts Ministeries, Meop – the musical, Butterscotch, Mirror Image, Release The Peach, Groove UnLtd and Soul Reaction.

Current equipment includes:

Guitars: Fender Strat and Tele, G&L Legacy, Gibson 335, Yamaha Silent Guitars, Taylor 314 6-string acoustic,
Taylor W65CE 12-string acoustic, 1960 Martin D28,
Parker Nitefly, Carvin 12-string, Rogue STR1 electric sitar

Amps: Mesa-Boogie Quad Preamp with Palmer PGA-05, Fender Blues Deville, Acus One 8, Mesa-Boogie Mk 2c+, 1981 Musicman RD50 head, Mesa-Boogie Lonestar.

Effects: TC G-System, Custom pedal board, TC G Natural, TC Nova System.

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